Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Quinn’s Sacred Spaces

This is my favorite page because it makes my heart *sing* to know that Quinn is being honored and loved across the nation.  Please check this page often, because there can never be too many of Quinn’s Sacred Spaces so I will continue to update!

Here are the ways people I love have honored my sweet beautiful Quinn:

Quinn's Aunt, Uncle, and cousins in Michigan
Honoring a baby
They taught me that I can create a sacred space for Quinn anywhere at any time.  They sent me this beautiful picture of Quinn’s name in the sand during a trip to Florida, which came as the most wonderful and unexpected delight.  It had only been a couple days since her death and I was so touched that they began to honor Quinn so soon and it filled my soul to see her beauty during such a dark time. 

Quinn's Auntie, Uncle, and cousins in Texas
Honoring a babyI was brought to tears when Auntie and Uncle included a memorial brick for Quinn on Paving the Way to Bo’s Place.  This is a special place that offers support and programs to bereaved families.  To have Quinn’s name among others’ is comforting.  I carefully took note of her neighbors, and said a prayer for their families, whose hearts are also aching.  At the center, the director, who wore purple (Quinn’s color), welcomed me and I felt a rush of calm as she held me in her embrace.  It was healing to look through their books and at the quilt squares made by other grieving mothers.  I’m sad that Bo’s place has to exist but it feels good to be held tightly in a community that cares. 

My Colleague 
Sacred spacesIn the early days after Quinn’s death, I was completely desperate for people to do things for her.  I was obsessed with making sure other people knew she was real.  Among other things, I really wanted people to light candles for her.  When I saw that my colleague enrolled her in the Association of Marian Helpers for 5 years, even though I am not Catholic, I was relieved and calmed.  Knowing that there is always a candle lit for her and that others are praying for her fills my heart.  

R's Daycare Teacher
Forget me nots
I was moved when R’s daycare teacher used the forget-me-not seeds she received at Quinn’s memorial for a class project.  The kids planted them and are watching them grow throughout spring.  Even children who never met Quinn are being touched by the beauty of Quinn’s sacred spaces.

Quinn's Flowers
I am calling the African Violet “Quinn’s Flower.”  Her birth flower is the violet, so this only seems appropriate.  Many loved ones have Quinn’s flower to brighten their homes. 
African violet
Great Aunt and Great Uncle in MD
African violet
Aunt, Uncle, and cousin in NJ

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