Saturday, December 10, 2016


Trisomy 18 run dedication

The air was chilly and crisp throughout the woods, trees standing stoically and wisely.  Upon my exit, sun bathed the meadows and warmed the landscape.  My eyes adjusted to the brightness and suddenly everything seemed to come to life.  Animals were scurrying in the warmth and joy of the sun, as were many passersby on the trail. 

Going into this dedication run, I was sure I would take Gage’s picture in the woods.  How I love the woods – the trees are so strong and comforting, especially as the weather cools.  However, I was drawn to the bright sun and smooth bridges that connect the miles of meadows surrounding the forest.  As I placed Gage’s rock on the bridge that overlooked the meadow and woods, a perfect heart shadow was cast on his rock.  It was an overwhelmingly beautiful symbol that he and his family are forever encircled in love. 

Baby Gage, who had Trisomy 18, lived outside the womb for 17 days.  He was not only encased by love throughout the entirety of his life, but he will remain swattled in love for all of eternity.  Love from his family, love from Mother Nature, and love from the entire universe.  Running with baby Gage tightly in my heart today was a true gift and a reminder that love connects us all.  As we navigate our journey after loss, we are surrounded by a community of love.  As bereaved parents, our love for those living and those passed, never ends. 

I thank Gage’s mom, who wants to do as many “somethings” in honor of her son as she can, for sharing her and Gage's story with me.  As I step forward today, I hold her and baby Gage tightly in my heart, inspired by their gift of love.

Trisomy 18 run dedication

About run to heal:
I run to heal.  It’s where I learn to hold my grief in my heart as love.  It’s where I practice putting one foot in front of another.  It’s where I honor Quinn and other babies who are gone too soon from stillbirth, miscarriage, or neonatal death.  In preparation for my first Mother’s Day as a parent to both a living and dead child, I asked my friends and community to dedicate a workout to Quinn.  This was a powerful, soulful, and healing experience.  I felt lifted up and loved by the community.  I was humbled that so many people carried Quinn’s spirit with them.  I hope to accompany others on their journey after child loss and hold them and their son or daughter in my heart.  It is an opportunity for me to honor their child and learn their story.  Together, we will learn how to put one foot in front of the other and run to heal.  Dedicate a run here