Thursday, May 28, 2015

Ingredients for Joy & Meaning

Ingredients for joy and meaning
In my journey toward healing, I’m reading “The Gifts of Imperfection” by Brené Brown, and her research is full of life lessons, including “wholehearted living.”  Her book is wildly popular and I recommend it for anyone who wants to live a more meaningful life.  She recommends making an “Ingredients for Joy and Meaning” list to help align what you are doing with your life and what brings you joy and meaning:
“One of the best things that we’ve ever done in our family is making the ‘ingredients for joy and meaning’ list. I encourage you to sit down and make a list of the specific conditions that are in place when everything feels good in your life. Then check that list against your to-do list and your to-accomplish list. It might surprise you,” she writes.  Here's my list: 
My Ingredients for Joy & Meaning
  1.  Recognize, savor, and enjoy the little things…those are what life is all about.
  2. Live the moment.  If it’s good, then really live it.
  3. Laugh and smile.
  4. Love with my whole heart.
  5. Create memories with my family.
  6. Watch my daughter laugh.
  7. Surround myself in nature.
  8. Be available for spiritual experiences.
  9. Run.  A lot.
  10. Be my true self: genuine, honest, and authentic.
  11. Surround myself with people I love.
  12. Connect with others.
Ingredients for joy and meaning
I have my list posted at work and at home to remind me that I can bring joy and meaning to my life every single day.  Thank you, Brené Brown.

What are your ingredients for joy and meaning? 

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