Tuesday, August 4, 2015

10 Signs you are a Bereaved Parent

Recently, my husband and I were in the middle of dinner when a summer rain stormed in and out.  With no explanation, I scooped up Riley mid-bite and ran outside, both us of barefoot.  There was a trickle of rain still in the air and I was running, splashing along the way.  Riley had no idea what was going on but was thrilled with the adventure.  I was chasing a rainbow.  When I caught it and reveled in its magic, I gave myself a chuckle.  I will literally drop everything to chase a rainbow. 

How my life has changed since Quinn died.  Not only do I mother both life and death, but Quinn has given me so much depth.  My habit of chasing rainbows coupled with an emotional breakdown after reading “On the night you were born,” led me to creating the following list, which depicts the more magical ways I have changed since Quinn’s stillbirth.  

Perhaps other parents who have experienced loss can relate or share the ways they have changed.  

10 signs you are a bereaved parent

1.  You drop everything to chase a rainbow.

2.  The world is a little more magical—
butterflies and hummingbirds get a little closer, linger a little longer, 
and the full moon shines a little brighter.

3.  A children’s bedtime story moves you to tears.

4.  Silence is an invitation for your heart to sing.

5.  The light of a candle fills the room with love & warmth.

6.  You stay a little longer at the top of a mountain.

7.  Caring for your garden has great meaning.

8.  There is beauty in the world that was never there before.

9.  You are the only one who saw that shooting star.

10.  You love harder.

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