Friday, July 10, 2015


Trusting, Grateful, Inspired Fridays

BrenĂ© Brown in "The Gifts of Imperfection,” has inspired me to write a TGIF post each Friday: Trusting, Grateful, Inspired Fridays, to help me be more intentional about bringing joy back into my life after experiencing stillbirth.  What is your TGIF?  

Happy Friday and I hope joy is part of your day.

Here is my TGIF for this week:

I am trusting that the travel that lies ahead will be done safely. 

I am grateful for friendship.  Kind, supportive and understanding friends are a true gift.

I am inspired by the wonderful work of Mel and Lesley who are committed to both comforting families who have experienced loss and to stillbirth advocacy and education.  I feel truly blessed to have met them.

Here are some daily inspirations that have helped me get through this week:

Forgive yourself after stillbirth
It is so hard, but I will try to let the weight of guilt and regret slip away.

Stillbirth quote
Whatever images come to me in my grief that bring me stability and peace are gifts.

Stillbirth quote
I will welcome and care for the ways in which my loved one continues to live on in me.

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