Wednesday, July 29, 2015

New York Times post

Our stillbirth story
Although these stories crush my heart, my heart is simultaneously warmed that the New York Times has featured stories of stillbirth.  These stories are heartbreaking and full of deep, deep love.  This article shows that many loving families have experienced the tragedy of stillbirth, yet it is still such an isolating and personal journey.   

I’ve written before that our bereavement nurse, Barbara, was an incredible contributor to our healing.  In my New York Times post, I talk about her care.  Immediately following Barbara’s care, I was embraced by my sister who drove all night after receiving the news.  I’m honestly scared to think of where I would be if it weren’t for Barbara’s care followed by my sister’s embrace.  After their care, I am so lucky to have had the support, compassion, and love of my two sister-in-laws and a huge number of other family and friends. 

This connection to other people is one the largest motivators of my blog.  Giving a hug or providing a loving shoulder to cry on (either in person or virtually) is so important and I can say from experience that it can change the direction of your life.  No one can ever know what another person goes through, even if you've shared a similar experience, but in our compassion we can help each other heal.  

My New York Times post can be found here (also below): 

The full stillbirth article can be found here:
New York Times stillbirth

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