Friday, July 17, 2015


Trusting, Grateful, Inspired Fridays

BrenĂ© Brown in "The Gifts of Imperfection,” has inspired me to write a TGIF post each Friday: Trusting, Grateful, Inspired Fridays, to help me be more intentional about bringing joy back into my life after experiencing stillbirth.  What is your TGIF?  

Happy Friday and I hope joy is part of your day.

Here is my TGIF for this week:

I am trusting that my body is strong to carry me through the second half of my running training. 

I am grateful for the gift of running.  Yes, it is a gift.  Not only is it a gift that my body has the ability to run, but it is a gift to experience running.  Above all, it has given me an immense amount of healing.  In that, I have been able to surround myself in nature, see wildlife, and revel in the enormity of the world in which I am such a small part.

I often feel like I am with Quinn when I run.  I'm still trying to find out where she is, but I do believe that the energy of world is now different because she existed.  As I experience the world I can experience her.  Recently, I went on a run as a storm was ending in hopes of chasing a rainbow.  It was a breathtaking experience – to chase a rainbow, and to actually find a huge full rainbow where I run to be with Quinn.  Instead of dedicating my run to her, I felt like my baby dedicated that run to me. 

I am inspired by bereaved parents who take on enormous physical challenges after losing a baby.  They run marathons.  They hike mountains.  They cycle across the country.  They are triumphant.  

Rainbow after stillbirth
I caught the most beautiful rainbow during a recent run.  One of the many gifts of running.

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