Thursday, July 16, 2015

6 Months

Today, on the difficult 6 month anniversary of Quinn's stillbirth, I share our pastor's closing words at Quinn's memorial.  Her words are beautiful, so true, and continue to have more and more meaning as time passes.  I strive to embody her words each day.  They are my inspiration and she has helped bring light into my life again:
"This winter has been cold and hard.  This winter has been long.  But the world has given us light again, sunshine again, cool earth waking up - with roots stretching and stems persisting and flowers bringing color, again.  It is Spring, and all around us, despite our deepest aches of refusal and denial, this life teaches us that there is promise in tomorrow, there is beauty because of small and miraculous things. 

This is now your charge: When you look out in the blossoming world think of the joy and love and beauty of Quinn Amelia and the family that made her possible.  When you go out into the world, love one another, care for one another, create for one another.  And in your comings and your goings, may the light of love shine upon us, out from within us, be gracious unto us, and grant us peace.  For this is the day we are given.  Let us rejoice for love.  Let us rejoice for family stretched beyond blood or title.  Let us rejoice for the life of Quinn Amelia Wilson.  Let us rejoice for the promise of this day and the blossoming tomorrow.

Go now together.  Go now in peace.  Amen."

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