Friday, February 27, 2015

My first baby encounter

Today I had my first baby encounter, 11 days after Quinn’s arrival.  I would have avoided it for days, weeks, or months, but my husband encouraged me to get out of the house and accompany him to the Apple Store.  The mall at 9:30am on a Friday was, of course, baby haven.  I was on my computer waiting for Josh to be helped when I heard it.  A newborn’s cry.  It only took a nanosecond for me to fall to tears and my husband held me tight.  It surprised me that I wasn’t mad.  I was so deeply sad.  A little part of me wondered why the young mother was so lucky to have the baby and I was not.  Did she know how lucky she was?  Did she know how special that baby was?  Did she know what a miracle it was for her baby to survive 40 weeks of gestation then the stress and journey of birth?

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