Friday, February 27, 2015

Bringing Quinn home

Dear Quinn,

Today, I brought you home.  Not the way we had hoped for or dreamed of, but we brought you home.  The journey from the car to the house front door was supposed to be one of joy, excitement, and anticipation.  Instead, we had tears, sorrow, pain, and hurt.  Although your ashes will always be with us, we never could have imaged that we would be welcoming you into our family this way.  We placed you on our bedroom dresser, lit a candle for you, and listened to Amazing Grace.  I have lit a candle for you everyday since, and will continue to.  With this candle I feel with you and close to you. 

I feel a sense of calm now that you are with me - a warmth and a small comfort.  You are home.  My passion for you burns so deep and transcends all dimensions of this physical world.  You were created in me, you lived in me, you transcended this world in me.  You are in me.  You are my breath, my tears, and my smile that will some day return.  I will hurt for you forever.  I will yearn for you forever.  May you always be held in my embrace and in my love. 

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