Friday, June 26, 2015


Trusting, grateful, inspired Fridays

BrenĂ© Brown in "The Gifts of Imperfection,” has inspired me to write a TGIF post each Friday: Trusting, Grateful, Inspired Fridays, to help me be more intentional about bringing joy back into my life after experiencing stillbirth.  What is your TGIF?  

Happy Friday and I hope joy is part of your day.

I missed last week’s TGIF for my Mount Tammany post, so here is my TGIF for last and this week:

I am trusting that Quinn knew I loved her.

I am grateful for my beloved husband who is my true companion in life.

I am inspired by strong female leaders in my life. 

I am trusting that I am resilient.  Even though there are moments where I stand on the edge of a cliff and stare despair and hurt cold in the face, the resilience in me lifts me back up.

I am grateful for my living daughter who helps me live a big LITTLE life and fills each moment with joy, despite the forever presence of sorrow.

I am inspired by other mothers who embody resilience.

I’ve been thinking a lot about resilience and yesterday’s daily inspiration pretty much hit the nail on the head:
Resilience quote

Bereaved mothers have been knocked so hard down into the ground and have almost been buried alive.  They have experienced true darkness and despair, and have felt suffocated after meeting death.  But somehow, they find a way to eventually move a little closer to the light until finally, they have dug so deep into their souls to find the strength to move forward.  It’s true that we still get knocked down and covered in dirt over and over again, but we find a way to eventually move toward the light once more.  

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