Tuesday, June 23, 2015

No Yesterdays poem

Grief poem

This poem was a gift from a very special woman who I have had the honor of getting to know through the hearts of people who love her.  Her free and loving spirit comes to life as cherished memories are shared by her son and daughter.  I have gotten to know her as a loving, funny, determined, fun, and resilient woman.  Her laughter dances around us and her endearing smile embraces us in our daily lives.  When mourning my daughter, I felt comforted by her love and calmed because she would take care of my baby girl who died. 

In addition to the loving and spirited memories that her children share, I have gotten to know her in the most unexpected ways.  We received this poem from her and it was a gift that transcended all other gifts.  She didn’t know it was a gift when she left it in her wallet for us to see and at the time she didn’t know how desperately we would need the poem to help heal. 

To a very special woman – thank you for continuing to hold us in your love and for your gift that we needed, that could have only come from you.  Thank you for sharing these words that you held so closely to your heart.  Even though we’ve never met, I feel your love and thank you for continuing to be a special presence in our lives. Please pass along our never ending love to our baby girl. 

No Yesterdays
Today I’ll drink some rainbow juice
And eat a spoon of snow
I’ll fly a race with hummingbirds
And watch a snowman grow
Tonight I’ll rub a moonbeam
And listen to clouds chatter
I’ll gather up some stardust
And other bits of matter
Tomorrow I’ll float into dream land
And walk with butterflies
I’ll pirouette on mushroom stems
And live in paradise
~Bonnie Eddy

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