Sunday, January 3, 2016

A Christmas Run for the Bereaved

Christmas run for the bereaved

As I run past the cozy houses full of holiday cheer, with perfectly lit lawns and houses, peeking through the windows and seeing signs of joy and laughter, I think of all the bereaved parents who do not have the family they hoped for…
…Who are holding their children in their hearts this holiday season instead of their arms
…Who are living a life of longing, wonder, and what-ifs
…Who are faking a pretty smile at the party and are just trying to get through this moment
…Whose hearts are melting and sinking simultaneously when seeing a living child revel in the holiday magic
…Who will retreat back to their beds and cry a million tears
…Whose hearts are broken not only this holiday season but forever
…Who are wishing the holiday season wouldn’t come, because it’s too painful a reminder of who is missing from their life
As I run under the winter starry sky this Christmas night, I hold all of the bereaved parents tightly in my heart.  Wishing them peace, comfort, and strength to just survive this day. 

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